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Ready-made Sarees

Ready-made sarees, stitched to perfection for the modern woman. Effortless drapes, timeless beauty.

Woman wearing a ready-made Peshwai saree. The saree is intricately draped in the Peshwai style, characterized by its unique draping over one shoulder and ornate pallu. The woman stands gracefully, showcasing the beauty and elegance of the Peshwai saree, a traditional Maharashtrian ensemble.
Woman wearing a ready-made Paithani saree. The saree features a vibrant and intricate silk fabric with traditional Paithani patterns and motifs. The woman stands gracefully, exemplifying the rich cultural heritage and artistic beauty of the Paithani saree, a cherished Maharashtrian attire
Silk shela accessory. The shela is a long, decorative scarf made of silk fabric. It may have intricate patterns, embroidery, or embellishments. The silk shela adds a touch of elegance and style to traditional Indian attire.

Silk Shela

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