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Defining timeless Maharashtrian style Since 1921 


Who are we?

Located in the hustle and bustle of the busy market area of Shukrawar Peth is the iconic Gore Ani Mandali, cloth merchants since 1921. It is easy for outsiders to miss the significance of this outlet, but it has a rich and varied history, and has been a one-stop-shop for Pune residents for ethnic purchases.


Spread over a basement and ground level, Gore Ani Mandali is an immensely popular shopping destination for customers with ceremonial functions. The customer base for this store extends across residents of Pune as well as those outside the city, who employ its online services to order its products.

Our History

Gore Ani Mandali was started in the year 1921 by Mr Shridhar Mahadev Gore. In 1910, due to extreme poverty, he came from his native town Janshi in Konkan, Maharashtra to Pune in search of livelihood. Along with him, his whole family which included his wife, two sons, a daughter & a child widowed sister came to Pune.


Those days a lot of extremely poor brahmin families from the Konkan region of Maharashtra whose primary livelihood was priesthood moved to the plains of the Deccan plateau in search of work. After coming to Pune, on account of his beautiful handwriting & trustworthy nature, Shridhar Gore got a job as an accountant with Sardar Patwardhan. He used to get a salary of Rs.5 per month.


But as the family went on increasing, it became very difficult for Shridhar Gore to make ends meet on that salary. So, he decided to start a small business to supplement his income. His employer, Sardar Patwardhan gave him a small space for the business on rent.


And that is how “Gore Ani Mandali” came into existence in August 1921 on the auspicious day of Gokulashtami or Janmashtami, the festival marking the birth of Lord Krishna. 

Back then, the store mostly traded in Dhotar (also known as dhoti, it is a pleated yard of cloth worn around the waist as pants), Nauvari (the traditional Marathi nine-yard sari) and khadi pancha (or traditional bath towels).


Those were the days of the swadeshi movement. Mahatma Gandhi was visiting Pune for some work & heard that a person called Shridhar Gore had opened a shop which sold khadi items. He was curious and came to visit Gore Ani Mandali. He was pleased to see the shop selling swadeshi goods and gave his blessing!  


Present day

Our products are in a varied range. We have silk ready made dhotis, kurta, uparna, pamri, puneri pagadi, topi for men & boys. We have traditional girls dresses like dharwad, irkal and silk parkar polka, frocks and kurtis; readymade 6 and 9 yard sarees for women & girls. Then we have a wide range of mens shawls, fancy ladies shawls & stoles. We have shelas and traditional Maharashtrian jewellery for weddings. We also have every day needs like cotton towels and napkins, khadi pancha, white bandi pyjama, soft cotton bandis for babies, bhagwan vastra, traditional khan fabrics by the yard & much more! We are a one stop shop for all shopping for Munj & weddings!

We, currently the 5th generation of owners, welcome you to Gore Ani Mandali. We encourage you to make warm and long-lasting memories of your ceremonial shopping with us! We will be grateful to be a part of your happy occasions!!

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