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  • Natural Cotton
  • Made on Handlooms
  • Traditional Design
  • Super Water Absorbant
  • Used in Munj, Wedding and other ceremonys


Pro Tip: Buy the 4x36 and 3x30 size for Munj 


The Rajapuri Pancha hails from the Rajapur villge in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. These are traditional towels that were invented by the people of the village for dressing and bathing in the early 16th century. These Pancha's are made using natural cotton and are one of the most water absorbing Pancha's in India. The knowledge of such a fine cloth soon spread all over Maharashtra and many Maharashtrian communities began using them. Even today, they are being used by millions of people all over the country.


It is used for a new born baby first bath and used in all stages of a Maharashtrian mans life

Rajapuri Pancha

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