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Select your Munj items

All of the following items are required for the Munj ceremony.

Follow our guide to not miss out on any ceremonial requirements


As the name suggests,gruh meaning home in sanskrit,it's the first ritual performed at home marking the start of the wedding/thread ceremony rituals. This ritual invokes the presence of ganapati & other dieties in the home & a holy & spiritual tone is set for the celebrations ahead.  As is the hindu custom of offering prasad to God before partaking it so is this ritual of inviting the Gods before any guests as nothing can happen if the divine energy is not with us.

Dhabali Baskar

The Dhabali Baskar is a traditional hand woven woolen mat which is traditionally used for meditation and pooja. The young boy, priest, and father are supposed to sit on this mat during the entire Munj ceremony


This shawl is gifted to the priest as a mark of gratitude for conducting the ceremony.

Cotton Dhoti

Our Dhoti's are made from cotton, which is lightweight, breathable, and well-suited for hot and humid climates. Simple cotton Dhoti's are worn by all the men during this ceremony. 


The Topi is worn by all men attending the ceremony and symbolizes the values of respect for tradition, family, and heritage that are deeply rooted in Maharashtrian culture. They are also traditional gifts for attendees.

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